Today was a slow, lazy day~ Then again it was a holiday, so it’s allowed.

I took the chance to do some pre-work coloring practice (that ended up being what I did most of the day anyway) while looking at Glider/Guraida’s old Len/Rin art.
The result was lovely and I had a ton of fun! The end result didn’t end up looking too much like Glider’s art, but it wasn’t 100% my intention to make a copy of it anyway :) It took me a couple of hours on and off, though… way more than a practice/warmup should.
1The problem is mostly my lines… My sketches are too messy and the lines too thick, while Glider cleans his lines before coloring (and renders over them at the end), meaning I end up painting over them *a lot*, which takes longer…

I did get a bit of work done before bed and after getting home from hanging out with mom and my MIL to plan decoration and arrangements for the wedding 2It was 1/4 wedding talk and 3/4  mom and MIL socializing and talking about life, though, because of course it was..

I also said ‘screw it!’ and bought the Leyendeker artbook.3 It should arrive in like… two months because shipping from the other side of the world + crappy post office 9_9;  I knew that if I didn’t buy it now, it’d spend another year or so on my wishlist. I excused it as a work investment :P

My day was pretty uneventful beyond that, and I was so engrossed with coloring and then going to see mom (and cooing over the dogs when the moms were talking), then coloring some more, that I didn’t really muse about anything…

I just hope my drive to practice and study styles sticks! I’m very excited about trying things now! :D