Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

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Happy New Year everybody!
It’s time for the mandatory yearly review of my life and time to make some plans, declare some resolutions, set some goals  and formulate wishes.

How did 2013 treat you? I’ve had people say it was a crappy year for them, while for some it was amazing. For most people, though, it was a year that brought forth a lot of important/big things that forced people to take a stance, evaluate their life choices and decide on a path. I believe life is full of opportunities. Not all of them may be seen as “good”, mind you, but they’re all chances to grow and strengthen yourself as a person, be it due happy events or really crappy ones.

One year ago I was summarising a roller coaster of a year, with lost of important life events that left me not really knowing where to go with my life, but knowing that I should decide on it soon. I was still struggling with household management, but I was happy because I was going places professionally! :D The beginning of the year was full of “I’m turning 30 this year…” and feeling like I was reaching some sort of milestone that I should have been better prepared for, feeling I was behind schedule at life.
I was looking forward to work and have some of the projects I worked on be released, work on some other projects and… I said I wouldn’t over schedule myself again (HAHA.).
I was also planning on becoming a vegetarian! Or reduce my meat intake, at least.
And that was all I had planned. I felt planning was not something I should do, so I didn’t. Did that work out? Kind of xD

As for my goals… let’s see how those went!

  • Pay my stupid debt.

 Nope. That didn’t work out at all xD I didn’t manage to make much more than the barely minimum every month, and the extra money I used on other things. It still haunts me! xD;

  • Save Money

Nope again xD I did save short-term for specific things I wanted, making commission-fundraisers and so on, but I don’t have *savings*. I should though.

  • Be orderly

I… got better at this. On and off.  I downloaded organising apps, schedules, scheduled my household chores for when I was working outside from home, then when I returned I just got back to the chaos. I’m currently trying my best with a suit of Mac apps and HabitRPG xD So I did get better, though I still have plenty of room for improvement.

  • Set my priorities straight.

I knew this was going to be a big year for that, and I think it was! I had a lot of fights with my boyfriend about our relationship and we came out strengthened and happy (more on that later), and I also set myself free. I think I know what I want now, though everything is very fuzzy… but it feels okay for things to be fuzzy, I’m no longer worried about it :)

So, 2013 was a big year, full of things! GOOD things! Also bad things that turned into good things for me in the long run :)
I didn’t document my life on this blog much, I resorted to tweeting, using my private personal Facebook as a diary and posting arts on tumblr and Facebook instead of deviantART.
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Hey guys… this is my monthly report of sorts.

Work at Syrenaica is awesome as usual :D We’re working hard at the new game and we may start soon on a third game we came up with some time ago.
I’m done with teaching until August, so that’s out of my schedule! Yay! it was super fun, I love the new students.

Besides that… I’m drained. Work at the office kind of drains me artistically speaking :’) It’s not that I’m doing this hell of a complicated/detailed job or anything, but when I’m not at the office, the least I want to do is draw… Which is not cool at all! ):
I get home at 7-ish pm and I just lay in bed doing nothing until midnight. On my days off/freelance days (twice a week), I just stay in bed ntil late, do house chores and then I don’t really want to draw anymore, so I barely get freelance stuff done.
Stuff for myself? I haven’t drawn anything that’s not a work/commission in ages.
And I feel I’m falling behind so bad…

I’m not sure about what to do about all this, really.
I love my office job!! I’m just upset I no longer feel like drawing outside of it… specially with so many projects i should be finishing. That I have to force myself to draw D:

*rolls on the floor*

To counter the “I’m feeling so unproductive ;_;”  feeling, I’ve tried doing other things instead of drawing when I’m at home. Gaming works, but it doesn’t make me feel productive, lol. I tried composing for a bit, it was fun, but it’s not super motivating.
So now I’m programming. Taking advantage of the ImpactJS license we have at the office, I’m playing with that. It’s been really fun, exciting and challenging! I haven’t been able to do much yet, but I’m getting there, slowly.

Today I’m banning myself from programming, though, since I have to get freelance stuff done and get it off my plate so I can move down my pendings list.

I apologize for the lack of art updates from me lately, hopefully that will change in the near future… I’m still trying to catch up and return to balance, and I’m confident I will! Just have a little patience with me ;v;

Oh, right, if you want to try my experiment, it’s here:
Hopefully, it’ll be more fun/interesting the more I keep adding stuff.
Hope you’re all doing great and thanks for reading ^^

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EVILOT! – and monthly “I’m alive!” post.

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For iPad only for now, but… OUT!!! OUT, RELEASED, LAUNCHED! *jumps around*
My first non-VN project, with a local company on top, IS. OUT!

And we showed up on Gamespot and Kotaku! :’D

I drew *everything* for it. EVERYTHING. Except the GUI. But the rest is ALL ME. MEEEEEE. xDDD
The animations were done in cut-out method with After Effects by our talented in-house animator <3
I acknowledge the game art has its flaws and I’m pretty sure about the reasons for it; I worked at a very small resolution from the get-go… a very bad move, in hindsight, but I think it still looks nice! And I still don’t cringe with it, which is good x’D

Besides that, I’ve still been rather missing and being behind everything, just like last month^^;
I started teaching again, which is awesome! :)
And today marks a year since I moved out from my mom’s house. Wow, a year! It’s been a rollercoaster :’D

Anyway… report time. Mostly for my own purposes and the peace of mind of the people I work with/for/owe stuff to :’D

Stuff I’m actively working on while not at the office working on the game that’ll come after Evilot (that so far looks so pretty ;v; I’m making the art all in HD fro the start! ) :

- Hope~ – I’m only like… 3 CGS away from finishing my task list! Woot!
- Kako no Koi – I’m *this* close to finish the last sprite I was asked to do, I’m just missing a few faces.
- Dies Irae, Phantatom Elements – I need to sketch the next character in line :)

Stuff I haven’t touched for a while and I should resume working on as soon as I finish the aforementioned:

- Autumn’s Journey – a few CGs still missing and that’s the only thing preventing it’s release ;v;
- Spirited Hearts 2 – still not even done with the first sprite “Orz. I’M THE AWFUL-EST! I want to finish Hope~ first, so I can devote all my freelance time to that again! >_<
- Flight of Twilight – SO BEHIND IT’S NO FUNNY ;_; I haven’t been able to find a good time slot for it in my schedule yet Dx
- Other stuff I owe to people – like the Facebook giveaway pictures, a couple overdue birthday watercolor paintings, a few chibis… etc, etc.

And… that’s been life this month.
Oh, I’m getting my passport today! Then the visa *shivers*
And I’m also dysphonic (hoarse voice) after a nasty cold that had me in bed for a few days that I passed on to my work-mates at the office too >>; I have to teach tonight and I need my voice for that >___<;;;;

So… yeah.
I’m happy, though. Very <3

Syrenaica - Evilot launch celebration photo

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MIA – tired but happy!

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I’m alive!
…This seems to be my opening sentence way too often ^^; I apologize for that >>;

March was a rollercoaster. On one side, I was really excited and anxious about the japanese card illustrations, that took me forever and a day to do but I’m really proud of how they ended up.

I also decided to join the NaNoRenO competition with Kitty, Arowana and Nellie!… but even while March is already over, the game is not finished because I overestimated my ability to make CGs and got badly burned out >>; So there are missing CGs >: I’ll try to get them done soon.

Other than that, I worked on and off on my usual freelance stuff. I’m way behind everything now x’D
Especially because I started par-time work as Lead Artist at Syrenaica’s office. I’m making a couple extra “tutorial” screens right now for Evilot, and it will be submitted tonight to the Appstore (: The release should be around the corner! I’m also working my ass off making concept sketches for the new game we’re working on. I’m having *tons* of fun at the office, but I end up really tired when I get back home, and the least i want to do is to be on the computer doing stuff ): It kind of reminds me of how it felt when I was doing my internship, but this is more creative work in a shorter time span ^^; So the two days “off” I have to work on freelance stuff, I’m tired and I end up taking them as weekends :’D
The universe is cinspiring against me working on my freelance jobs! But I’ll try my best to revert that situation and go back to normal.

In other news, I’m flying to USA THIS TIME FOR REAL in August/September! I got my new ID today, I have to get my new passport as soon as I get some spare money, and then the visa :’D And then saving to actually be able to eat and survive there, hahaha x’D

So… yeah. Hopefully that explains the lack of updates on twitter, facebook and other sites. I’m tired :’D Happy but tired and behind schedule x’D

I hope you’re all doing great! And look forward to Evilot soon and uh… Autumn’s Journey, which is our (late)NaNo entry and it’s pretty and lovely and full of cuddles and cavity inducing x’D

*goes back to work before work-mates scold me :’D*

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Monthly report: February

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Wow! February is over already!
That was fast o_o.

Life-wise, this month was a rollercoaster!
I got my paid vacations house-sitting my mom’s place and I got to spend lots of time with my pets and playing PS Vita and sleeping in, haha xD I also got some serious issues with my boyfriend discussed and we’re now better than ever :) And I cut my hair quite short! x’3
And, of course, I overbooked myself as usual xD Because of all this, I couldn’t get much done, but I think I got enough done, which is okay.


Project-wise,I’m behind my planned schedule with Spirited Heart 2 and with Hope~ :( I’m finishing up the Human Girl sprite for SH2 and then I ned to move to the Elf Girl; and I finished the extra sprites for Hope~, so I need to start work on the CGs now. I’ll be working primarily on that during March, as they’re my main projects at the moment, with the rest being side on-and-off things.

Vesta and Elysia - DI:PM

I’ve also been working hard on the Dies Irae: Phantatom Elements character art :) Getting a couple done… each month, it seems >>; But I’m almost 1/3 done with the cast! :’D It’s a big cast, haha ^^;

Kako no Koi - Nagi

Besides that, I started work on Kako no Koi, a VN I’m working on-and-off, like with Dies Irae. I’m done with character design, title screen and logo, and with the first sprite! (her expression here is not representative of her personality, btw, I just thought it was a fun combination x’D)
I’ll get done one each week very likely, and then move to CGs. It’ll take some time to get done, but there’s no hurry with that one :)

SoS - first batch of characters lineup

And if that wasn’t enough, I’m sketching redesigns for Scions of Seraph (go check the webcomic here!). I got the first 4 designs the last couple of days (they’re really fast to do), and I’ll be doing some more next week and so on. The characters are quite fun, so I couldn’t reject the commission, haha ^^; I’ll ink and color them properly later on.

Also, I worked fixing some Flight of Twilight stuff and now I’m working on new CGs. I hope I can finish them soon! I’ve scheduled one morning each week for this, in my “side-projects day” (which is basically FoT + Dies Irae day).

And on top ALL of that, I have to get this couple of illustrations I can’t even show around by the middle of the month :’) I just got the corrections for those in today, and I have to submit the revisited versions in by Monday.

Yup, I’ve been and I’m busy x’D
I can’t help it, I love drawing characters so much! ;v; And I’m happy and not stressed (yay for not having deadlines <3), which is great :D

30 seconds poses

Also, I started attending life drawing sessions! I’m meeting with nice fellow illustrators, socializing a bit, and drawing till exhaustion on three-hour sessions one or two evenings a week. It’s been a long time since I drew so much by hand! I’m hoping I’ll improve with this ^__^

Older Kuu - pose #2

During March, my objective is to… well, besides getting done all the stuff I need to get done, to spend Saturdays working on Every Sunrise art, so I can get most of it done in a couple of months :) I’m very excited about this ^_^ I really want to work on older Kuu and Koda! :)

I haven’t been able to even go near my own Caramel Mokaccino because of all this x’D But maybe I’ll find some time in the near future, when my schedule is less cluttered… Probably by the time I’m done with Hope~ ^^;

So… yup, that’s been my month! I’ve also closed my commissions EVERYWHERE AND OF ANY KIND, so I don’t get tempted with any other thing to do (I have a really hard time saying no!), at least not until I’m done with a few of my current projects!

…I’m honestly impressed I’m not dying of stress and panic right now, hahaha x’D I’m having lots of fun! ^^


Take care, and thanks for reading! :)