I have failed to write daily once again, but I’m gonna try at least doing it weekly >_<

I went to see my shrink today, after 2 years, per recommendation of my therapist.
We talked a lot, and he believes I do not need medication for ADHD, but he’s concerned about my ups and downs, so he prescribed an antidepressant (not an SSRI! yay!)  that is also often used for supportive treatment of ADHD, and will mostly help me get that extra kick to move and get shit done. So… I’ll start on that tomorrow.

Another things he believes is important is to find a place to work outside my home, since I have repeatedly failed to separate my personal space/life and my working persona, which is probably why I fail so much at being focused on work and why I end up neglecting both work and household tasks and end up a guilty useless mess.

So… that’s gonna be my next step.
The plan is to keep the psychotherapy sessions to deal with some of my issues, while the shrink sessions will be monitoring the effects of the meds with a mix of occupational therapy, keeping up with how well I’m actually working and functioning, which is in my main reason for doing all this.
I have homework to make a list of work and project todo things I have to get done within a month, so my shrink can keep up with my task progress.

Money for all this will be a bit of an issue, but… Husband said he’ll help for the time being.

And that’s been life.

I was finally able to return to drawing and work this week. Slowly, but I’m catching up :)

Hopefully, I’ll have better things to report in time :’ )