Self indulgent Saturday

Today I took the day off.
Fiance got home after 4 am, and we talked for a bit, so I ended up waking up at 11-ish in the morning, and since we finished watching Critical Role right after I woke up, the morning was gone anyway.

Today’s activities were just watch some anime and doodle. I didn’t really get to work on anything I had planned to, but I had a big urge to draw something for both Critical Role’s 19th episode1Yasha’s Necrotic Shroud was just too cool, I HAD to draw it. and IDOLiSH7’s finale 2I started i7 on a whim only because a mutual on twitter kept gushing over it… suddenly everybody around me was into it when I started watching! The boys are all precious and I ended up being stupidly fond of all of them. I would install the game, but my phone is really old and sucks. .

Drawing fanart is something I always think of doing but rarely actually do3Before you call ‘LIES!’, I do want to draw fanart of a lot of things, but I only end up drawing things I’m literally obsessed with at the time. You know the ones >>; , or at least rarely finish a fanart piece nowadays because work and projects are priority (and also resting from drawing by… not drawing). I also feel incredibly guilty about it, because there are so many things I need to do that ‘wasting’ drawing time on something else feels wrong.
However, drawing for fun is an important part of art, so when an urge that’s not fueled by complete procrastination strikes, now I try to indulge it: chances are I won’t draw whatever it is I have in mind if I leave it for another time, because other things will always take priority, so the sooner I get it out of my system, the better! 4If I don’t draw ideas right away, they fall to the end of the priority queue in a couple of days and eventually get forgotten.

Now I am rather excited to try finishing the i7 fanart just because drawing the 7 boys was a lot of fun and I rarely ever draw group images! It’s not a particularly interesting composition, but I’m actually proud for not using composition references this time around.5When I sat down to draw Yasha, I refused to look at art for ideas like I do all the time. I also refused to look at group art for ideas for the i7 piece too, just to force my brain to work on its own. I plan to keep doing this for personal pieces now and see if I can get inner inspiration back instead of having ‘I want to imitate this!’ inspiration. I also looked at official art for guidance for each character, but didn’t try to imitate the style closely, instead I tried keeping my current style while minding the general eye shapes and making sure the hairstyles looked right without copying them exactly. I tried stepping out from my regular mindset, in light of yesterday’s musings :)6I told fiance when he got home at 4 am about my rigidity with fanart and he told me he actually shares the sentiment. We’re made for each other, we’re both awful.

So yeah, even though I sort of had a day off yesterday, it wasn’t a proper day off like today7Unexpected day off because weird mood, aka PMS. I should pay more attention to my cycle app… and I’m glad I took it :)