Influences and Goals

So… today was a slow day.
Also this post is pretty rambly.

I played with my site for a bit1twitter cards are fun!, laid some flats on one piece I’ve been working on the past couple of days and slapped some colors on that idolish7 sketch2I actually wanted to finish it properly, but… I wanted to do other things and it would have taken me forever. For some reason that scared me and I just left it as a sketch.. Then I got cold, dragged myself to bed to code some, but started coughing non stop and feeling like crap, so I got nothing else done.

So, there’s this #artvshero tag going around in social media. Unlike the art vs artist that had your face surrounded by your art, this has your art surrounded by your influences.
I’ve been talking about how I am so picky with fanart that I *have* to imitate the original style and that ultimately ends up influencing my art, but when I thought about my current influences3The featured image of this post is my ‘influence map’ from 2010. besides Tales of Zestiria’s anime art (because fanarting non stop)… I drew blanks.  Continue reading “Influences and Goals”