Long time no see

Oh, hi there!

I was thinking about my journaling and how I’ve…. pretty much failed to keep up with it since I started it in 2018, then picked it up briefly on and off here and there.

I mainly use my twitter account as a my microblog, which is why I left this place completely abandoned, but I have also abandoned that place. And the google doc I normally use, I just… I keep forgetting it exists.

I keep forgetting a lot of things exists, really; mostly because my mind is so messy, everything gets filed away somewhere else .

So the idea is to pick up blogging again.

Not with the intention of anybody reading it, but for myself.

…Also because I’m procrastinating and my mind needs distraction, and looking at online courses, articles, and designing apps on paper to make my life easier eat up waaaaay too much time >>;

Speaking of which, I’m seriously learning Python. As in taking a course seriously. And sinceI’m implementing what I’m learning (and learning extra stuff) via coding CaraMoka, I’m making a lot of progress :)

Now I got the bug to make apps with it… mostly to simplify and unite/integrate all the stuff I already use my notebook, reminders, spreadsheet and timers for.

Like the Task Slayer: ‘quest’ log and pomodoro timer for habits, todos and project task management that “unlocks” new tasks when older ones are completed. Also log time.

Or the Scheduler: Make a Schedule: table of a number of days with time slots of x time each -ie: 5 days. 5 time slots of 1h each-. Input a list of tasks with estimated time, including tasks that need to be done in order, and schedule all of them across the table with the click of a button

Or “Weekly”: Make a list of things you want to do/achieve this week. Have a Daily view with things you decide to focus on today. Mark them as done or as progressed. Also log time.
Have a Progress view available For: the task itself when it’s done/progressed, when all things are done for the day.
overwhelmed mode blocks progress view.

Or the Project Management Spreadsheet editor, which would allow me to edit shit on my… project management spreadsheet lol from an app instead of having to go to docs and edit them via cell.

And, you know, maybe a full project/schedule/personal assistant that integrates ALL that shit.

I feel powerful xD

But CaraMoka first!!

Blogging again?

Hi there!
It’s been… 4 years since I last used this blog.1But you wouldn’t know that if this is the first time you visit this place, because I just made all my posts from 2008 to 2014 private. I’ve become pretty reserved this past year.

I used to journal a lot. Since I was a kid, my mom always bought me big, bulky planners that I would use like diaries.
Later on, I used a big notebook with colored pages where I would write almost daily (I had a special pen for it too!) and would ask friends to write there as well from time to time2I burned this notebook in my early 20s, in a fit of emo-ness over my highschool boyfriend. My mom said I’d miss it later down the road, but… I don’t think I do, I have enough memories of it..
As I started spending more time in font of a computer, I started writing on a word document (lost to OS re-installs along the way) and later on I got my first blog on… Xanga, iirc? No, wait, I had an older one… Blogger possibly? Blogspot?
Eventually I got a Livejournal,  though I ended up just writing directly on deviantArt once I got people following me there.
Later on, I made this very thing here, 10 years ago, after I fled deviantART for some reason for some time, and used it to both journal and to post my art.
Social Media happened and I slowly left this place in favor of Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, which is where I spend most of my days at nowadays.3I only keep Facebook now to keep in touch with local friends and some family, and to use messenger to talk with my fiance daily. Tumblr and Twitter I mostly use to post art, and I have a private twitter account that I spam daily with thoughts and works in progress. Continue reading “Blogging again?”