Distracted (+ sketch dump)

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I’m easily distracted, everybody that knows me knows that >>; Lately, it’s becoming really annoying, so I’ll just go back to use the Emergent Task Timer, as my self-imposed schedule doesn’t seem to be working. So, I’ve been sketching lots of things. Most of them, I just clear the canvas after I’m done and move […]

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Daily sketches – May 04

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Early post, yay! I should stop posting before going to sleep >>; Today it’s been rather a failure work-wise D: I hate to be so spaced out ;_; Probably having to do with weather change, being alone at home because the maid didn’t come today, and PMS >>; So I ended up doing some sketchy […]

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Daily Sketch – Apr 27

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I had a terrible headache today, plus strained muscles from exercising yesterday and all made worst by having only fruit for lunch (evil evil diet x_x). Now I’m better after having a nice dinner and lying in bed for a couple of hours, but I’ll go to bed early. (BTW, I don’t really need a diet^^; I’m […]

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I’m on a diet D:

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I'm on a diet D:

Mom and I decided we’ve gained too much weight and so we finally started our diet. Today’s lunch was fruit ;O; Tonight I have lots of meat, though >D My body craves for some sugar >>; So… internship is going great. My boss said he’ll hire me for little jobs after the internship is finished, […]

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Ciraphe Training – colored sketch

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Ciraphe Training - colored sketch

Lately I have lots of mental images I just *need* to draw so I can continue with my activities peacefully xD; They won’t leave me alone and won’t let me work in peace until I get them out! Sadly, I don’t have time to turn them into finished drawings (and no skills to make cool […]

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