Sprite-making timeline of sorts

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Sprite-making timeline of sorts

So, yesterday I procrastinated from work a couple of hours and was toying making a random girl sprite from some sketches I did on Saturday night. Then, as I went back to work on the old Nexus sprite I need to finish, it made me think of all the styles I’ve gone through since I […]

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Deji will be drawing BL… wait, WHAT?!

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Deji will be drawing BL... wait, WHAT?!

If you know me, you should know I don’t like BL. I’m one of the last remaining girls (an endangered species, indeed)¬†that like anime stuff but don’t scream ” OMGGAYKYAAA!!” when looking at two male friends on any given situation x’D I don’t despise it, though. I have actually thought of some BL couples as […]

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Ripples – Kuu’s sprite, part 1

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Ripples - Kuu's sprite, part 1

Yesterday, after procrastinating all day avoiding my internship report due this Tuesday that I also happen to be avoiding right now, I drew Kuu’s first sprite! Since I only did her first sprite, this will be part 1. Part 2 will be when I have pose #2. There will be no Part 3 and 4, […]

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Kagamine Len/Rin sprites

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The PSD files are up for grabs :3 I stopped attempting to make unique PNG files for expressions when I reached combination #74…. Grab your Len here! Grab your Rin here! They’re in really low res, and were drawn very quickly… I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, really ^^; I’ll draw a decent fanart of […]

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Attempting to do things

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I haven’t been very productive lately… well, for obvious reasons, but I’ve managed to do some little things here and there. Haven’t been playing WoW lately either, just one or two hours every 2 or 3 days (Suppi got his Cow to 80 and I barely hit 75 this morning… ALL my friends are 80 […]

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