Sept 8th – Vocaloids

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I… have no excuses >>; If you follow me on twitter (and actually click on the pictures I upload), you probably saw half of them already. Regarding yesterday’s Kaito drawing xD Magnet – white version- One day I’ll work on all those sketches for the MirrorxMirror fanbook >>… It looks very pretty next to the […]

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Thanks for 30k PVs!

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A speedpainted image to celebrate it. Thanks! C:

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Chibi Len and Rin

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You know, I think one of the reasons why I still love Len and Rin so much is because of Glider’s drawings (his blog here). They never cease to inspire me <3 Ugh, this was supposed to be a quick daily sketch after work and before going to sleep, and I got carried away and […]

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Aug 12 – Rin love

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I promise I won’t change you for Yomi/Dead Master ;o;!! Because I haven’t been giving her much love lately )= That angle/pose gave me a headache, but I seriously need to stop drawing the same angles/poses over and over again >>;

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Winter Break!

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Somehow after I was sick and after being stressed out and all, my brain decided that I needed a break, and wouldn’t let me do any kind of digital work. So unexpected Winter Break! O_o I’m glad it’s over, though! (Today I finally got work done without problems ;o;!! ) While it was nice to […]

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