Better than ever.

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(I’m into Homestuck now, didn’t you know? I blame my friend Lyra for it…) So I’ve been panicking and freaking out over stuff lately. Problems here, issues there, stress stress stress. And I want to get out of here and have my own place and not have to work on the livingroom and yadda yadda […]

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Back from week out~

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Back from week out~

Since my boyfriend’s family took a trip to Argentina while he stayed at home attending college like a good boy, I moved there for a week. This is a summary of the week. No pictures ^^;

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  I think this was one of my best birthdays ever! Three days of celebrations with all the people I love and lots of delicious food and drinks x3 The loot? Make up, a curling iron, and other girly things, lots of chocolates!, shoes, a big Anatomy Book for Artist, a knit doll, a yellow shawl […]

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