Monthly report: February

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Wow! February is over already! That was fast o_o. Life-wise, this month was a rollercoaster! I got my paid vacations house-sitting my mom’s place and I got to spend lots of time with my pets and playing PS Vita and sleeping in, haha xD I also got some serious issues with my boyfriend discussed and […]

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One more project down!

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…so far! I usually get to do extra art later on whenever I’m done with the original art requirements for a project ^^; But I just finished working on the last scheduled CG for Hope~ It was very fun to work on it! The characters were fun to draw, the chibi CGs were *super* fun […]

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Chocolate heart

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Maybe I’ll share some chocolates with my boyfriend later, so I can say I actually did something other than spending time drawing this to celebrate this day, haha xD *goes back to work*

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I’ve been reorganizing Caramel Mokaccino’s story and general planning for the past couple of days, and I’m reached a point where I actually think I’ll be able to handle it C: Now I have to convince myself that I can write and continue writing the actual script ^^; About the drawing, I’ve always liked girls […]

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Glasses guy

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Obligatory random sketch for a guy with glasses that wears a shirt ~Cx I finished Ryan’s ending CGs this morning, and I sketched some extra stuff for him just in case I have time to get them done later (nothing related to this sketch, before anybody asks 9_9 ) I also sketched Jacob’s ending images […]

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