Better than ever.

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(I’m into Homestuck now, didn’t you know? I blame my friend Lyra for it…) So I’ve been panicking and freaking out over stuff lately. Problems here, issues there, stress stress stress. And I want to get out of here and have my own place and not have to work on the livingroom and yadda yadda […]

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My workplace – photo dump

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This is the kind of moments when I start missing my old digital camera >>; I need to buy a new one, carrying the netbook around to take pictures is not ideal for this xD; It’s been a while since I posted photos of how my studio/workplace looks like. Now it looks even more different, […]

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I don’t want to be Noizi Ito anymore

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I don't want to be Noizi Ito anymore

After taking a good look at my Influence Map and comparing it to the influence map of artists I look up to, I decided it’s about time to shift my focus and change my objective, so I can walk with a more steady pace towards the kind of artist I want to be. I always […]

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New Haircut + Flyable Heart Visual Book

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I couldn’t stand my long hair anymore!!! >o< No matter how pretty my long hair was it was  a pain in this weather! And I’m a lazy person, so keeping my hair in nice condition was tiresome. I’d wake up everyday with the back of my head all entangled, spent a long time combing it […]

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