My name is M. Beatriz García, also known as DejiNyucu.
I’m a Chile-based freelance character illustrator and colorist, and this is my personal Blog.
I barely use my Blog now, but you can find old project statuses, sketches and other old daily ramblings here, if you’re curious!

I can also be found on Twitter, where I write almost daily, and Tumblr where I post sketches and in-progress screenshots of what I’m working on. I also have a  Facebook page that I update not quite often, and deviantART, where I have a more formal (and quite old, as I barely update it anymore) gallery of more finished drawings. I try to post different things on different places, to encourage people to check them all, but I link to most of them on twitter, so your safest bet is to follow me there, if you have to choose.
I also have a Patreon where I post royalty-free visual novel sprites monthly (when I’m not behind schedule :’D ) and previews of things I’m working on that I don’t post anywhere else :)

If you want to see a more comprehensive list of projects and featured illustrations, please visit my portfolio (it needs to be finished :’D ).

My art can be found mostly on some English Visual Novels. I’m stable staff on Mystery Parfait and Sakevisual circles, working for both free and commercial projects, and I usually do work for WinterWolves as well. My personal group is Apple Cider and I’m part of Sugarscript.

NOTE: I’m currently not taking commissions nor scheduling projects!

Released Games:
c14ban C14 Dating - ©Winterwolves
Character designs and art.
 Cute Demon Crashers Cute Demon Crashers! (18+) - ©Sugarscript (2015)
Setting, Character and event Art, Logo.
Autumn’s Journey - ©Apple Cider (2014)
World setting, Character and event Art, Logo.
Blue Rose -  ©White Cat Games (2014)
Character color (sprites and events).
  Evilot - ©Syrenaica (2013)
Lead Artist.
  Yousei ©Sakevisual (2013)
Character and event art.
TFS: Winter in Fairbrook  -  ©Winterwolves (2011)
Character designs. Character and event art. Logo.
Kansei -  ©Sakevisual (2011)
Character and event art.
Ripples -  ©Sakevisual (2010)
Character, event and background art. Logo. 
Jisei  –  ©Sakevisual (2010)
Character, event and background art.
The Flower Shop -  ©Winterwolves (2010)
Character designs. Character and event art. Logo.



Currently under production:
The Parasol Festival: BB -  ©Mystery Parfait
Lead Artist (project done in watercolor).
Caramel Mokaccino - ©Apple Cider
Story and Art.
Doki Doki Dollmaker Doki Doki Dollmaker - ©Talia C.
Character Art, logo.
Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements - ©Jeremiah Caudle
Character redesigns, logo, GUI.


Side and on-hold projects:
Flight of Twilight (18+)- ©Mystery Parfait
Character color (sprites and events). GUI; Assistant Artist. (on hold)
Every Sunrise - ©Sakevisual
Character designs. Character and event art (on hold).
Swan’s Melody©Sakevisual
Character designs. Character and event art (on hold).
Spirited Heart 2 - ©Winterwolves
Character and Event art, logo. (on hold)
Corona Borealis Corona Borealis - ©PB&Jelly
Character art, logo. (hiatus?)
??? - ©??? (OTOME)
Character Art. (hiatus?)
Hope~  Symphony of Tomorrow - ©Tatami Visual Arts
Character designs. Character and event art. Logo. (hiatus?)
Skylines ©Ouroboros[connect]
Character designs and art. (hiatus?)


Spirited Heart – Girl’s Love - ©Winterwolves (2011)
Secondary character sprites, girls ending sketches .
Nexus (?) - ©Sekushi Games
Character sprites.
The Question - demonstration game packed with Ren’Py engine.
Character sprites.


Terms of Use

My drawings posted on this website are free for personal use.
That means you can save them on your computer, show them to friends, use as wallpaper, use them as references or copy them for drawing exercises or assignments, use it for signatures, avatars, print them to hang them on your wall or to make a greeting card to a friend, etc.

If you upload my drawings somewhere, entire, modified, copied or traced;  you may *always* credit the original artist (me) with a link back to this website.
This means if you upload them to your personal blog because you liked them, if you made your website layout using my drawings, etc., you may always include a link back to Nyucu+.

Using the drawings on this website to make profit in any way is forbidden. You may not sell my images to third parties, alone or grouped with other images; in their integrity, modified, copied or traced; in any media, digital or physical.
This means you can’t make money with my drawings in any way, nor use them to help you get money. This includes printing them and selling the prints in any way (paper, posters, stickers, shirts, mugs, etc); using my drawings on your commercial game, application or website; making a painting, sculpture, etching or other artistic work based off my drawing ans selling them; using my drawings on ads, posters or flyers for events that charge admission.


Why “Nyucu+”? What does it even mean?
No reason, really. It’s a deformed word part of my girlfriend-speak vocabulary that represents me ^^ . The plus in there was just because it looked cool there and I didn’t want to use “~”, haha. I now use it as part of my nickname “DejiNyucu” as well :P

What’s “Ishtera”?
It’s a story, a bunch of characters and a fantasy world me and my boyfriend  have been toying around with for years. Our domain name is named after it (: You can learn more about it by playing Autumn’s Journey ^^.

Are you working on *all* the projects listed under “Under development” right now?
No, I’m not! I wish I could multitask that much, haha.
Some of them may be complete on the art department but they may need more work on the script, programming or directing. Others I work on them on and off, whenever I have the time, while some others I’ve done some work for but they’re on hold until I’m more free to resume working on them. Of course there are one or two I’m working full-time on (:

I don’t have money to pay you. Would you draw something for me ?
While I do love drawing things for other people, I’m usually pretty busy with drawing stuff for other people to pay my bills ^^; (aka work and commissions).
I actually barely even have time to draw for myself ):

Where can I buy prints, art books and merchandise with your art?
I don’t have many artworks that I’ve done big enough for printing, but you can find some at my deviantART and at my society6 accounts. No physical artbooks at the moment, I’m afraid, but I hope that changes in the future!
You can get the Autumn’s Journey digital artbook, though, for as low as $0 (or more, if you feel generous <3 )
Hopefully, we’ll also have Cute Demon Crashers merchandise sometime in the near future.

Why do you write in English if you speak Spanish?
Actually, my first interactions with other people over the internet were in English, and most of the friends I’ve made online speak English. Most of my Spanish-speaking friends can understand English without problems, so I think it’s better if I just keep my online persona English-speaking :) If you wish to contact me in Spanish via e-mail or just talk to me in Spanish via tumblr, Facebook or twitter, feel free to do so, though!

How old are you?
As of March 2016, I’m 32 years old (my birthday is in August). I look way younger, but I’m not!

Can I have your IM address?
I try to keep my IM personal, so I’ll have to say no ^^;
Feel free to email me at deji❤ishtera.net if you have questions, or mention/DM me on Twitter where I hang out the most :)

If you have other questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them for you! (: