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New Layout! :D

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New layout! Finally!!! I’ve wanted to make a layout with my own characters for a while, but never got around to. I also asked some friends around to help me, but in the end nothing ever happened with that (my fault, btw ^^; ). And then I went on hiatus and then I didn’t want […]

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Glasses guy

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Obligatory random sketch for a guy with glasses that wears a shirt ~Cx I finished Ryan’s ending CGs this morning, and I sketched some extra stuff for him just in case I have time to get them done later (nothing related to this sketch, before anybody asks 9_9 ) I also sketched Jacob’s ending images […]

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Astre@ – sadfasdfasdfasd

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Astre@ - sadfasdfasdfasd

I’m behind schedule. I’m sick of working on 1 1/2 – 2 years old CGs and re-script a 2 years old demo that will never turn into a full game because the writer decided to dissapear. I wish I finished this last year when I was supposed to instead of just dropping things because they […]

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What would you like to see here?

What would you like to see here?

I’m wondering what kind of things you, my readers, would like to see posted in my blog. I have two unfinished articles drafted: One about creating characters, and another one through the process of creating a manga/comic page (the one I’m wo0rking on for my Manga workshop). Would you like me to post more doodles/sketches? […]

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Thanks for 7k+ PVs!!!

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Thanks for all the visits people! It makes me happy ^__^

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