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Dressing your character up – exercise

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So, I went and doodled a regular plain girl with a regular tee and regular pants, and slowly worked on her to try to improve her. Here it is what I did C: Maybe it will be helpful to you! (and maybe I totally screwed it, but oh well x’D )

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Dressing your characters up

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Dressing your characters up

My sense of fashion is very limited and I don’t tend to spend much money or time on clothing, so sometimes I hit and sometimes ¬†(most of the time, really) I miss awfully x’D It’s the same with my characters, sadly ^^; The basic problem I have (and that I’ve found other people have too) […]

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A half-assed doodling exercise~


Whenever I plan to draw something, I instantly imagine it (and usually also sketch it) in the most straightforward possible way. It’s simple, effective and…. boring. So… what to do to make it less boring? Sketch the same scene in different angles! Move the “camera” around and see if you find an angle you like […]

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Tutorial – Drawing facial expressions

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Tutorial - Drawing facial expressions

New tutorial C: Especially useful when making VN sprites and Event CGs where the character changes facial expression =P Drawing Facial Expressions on a Character Additionally, you should take a look at the following tutorials (or just skip mine and go directly to them xD ):

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Ripples – Kuu’s sprite, part 1

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Ripples - Kuu's sprite, part 1

Yesterday, after procrastinating all day avoiding my internship report due this Tuesday that I also happen to be avoiding right now, I drew Kuu’s first sprite! Since I only did her first sprite, this will be part 1. Part 2 will be when I have pose #2. There will be no Part 3 and 4, […]

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