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Practice makes perfect!

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This is my motto now XP Last night I finally grabbed my stock photo catalog thing and started sketching pictures. Today I went to Posemaniacs and spent a really good amount of time drawing feet, hands and on the 30 seconds drawing. Man, that’s really useful I’ll try doing this everyday in order to improve […]

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Gallery is functional now!

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Spent the whole afternoon procrastinating doing that “Orz. It was fun (and scary too) to look at my old drawings as I decided which ones to upload. There are some pretty old ones there in the gallery now… 2003- 2004… *shivers*

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Blog tweaking~

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So… I’ve been playing with my blog lately, can you tell? Changelog: Removed Vocaloid Music player Removed Forum+ (nobody was using it anyway ^^; ) Removed Commission info page (it was ugly =_=;  mail for info is how it woks now) Changed “Tutorials”+ to “Resources“.  Added extra stuff. Partially removed Gallery. Will work on that […]

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clap clap!

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For my webclap sidebar image, a chibi clapping Len! xD now I should go take a shower, have lunch really fast and head to the interview!

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Layout change… kind of

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I wanted to use the Kagamine in Kimono picture, so yeah Now everything is orange xD; Also, new twitter image! lol.

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