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Winter Break!

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Somehow after I was sick and after being stressed out and all, my brain decided that I needed a break, and wouldn’t let me do any kind of digital work. So unexpected Winter Break! O_o I’m glad it’s over, though! (Today I finally got work done without problems ;o;!! ) While it was nice to […]

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Thanks for 25k PVs!!

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  Thank you for all the visits!!!! (and yeah, that was what all the fuss was about, lol, sorry to nag you much on twitter to raise the counter xD)

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Yesterday I finished the other side of the Rin I did last time (that I posted on dA here ).  It’s been nice to fiddle with this when I’m not on the computer, just in  bed with all my material, covered in my blanket and watching tv~ It may be a nice thing to do […]

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Time for myself (wip and little rant)

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It’s been a while since I drew something just for myself. May 15th was my very last daily sketch and May 5th the last artwork I posted on dA.   My sketchbook’s last pages are filled with tiny messy doodles of The Flower Shop characters… Oh, right, and an Ishtera character that belongs to Suppi […]

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Daily Sketch – May 07

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It’s already May 8th, but since I haven’t gone to sleep yet, I’ll pretend it’s still 7th x’D Nothing very insteresting, but meh, it’s past 1 AM “Orz. I did some dinosaur doodles in the afternoon, but nothing worth saving D: Ah~ I miss my dinosaurs illustrated encyclopedia thing so much ;_; It was so […]

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