Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

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Happy New year everybody! How was 2012 for you? I’ve heard mixed reviews, haha. On one side, the ending was disappointing No end of the world or anything interesting! Pfft! LOL. Anyway, I’m sure this year, even if it wasn’t what you expected or even planned, was full of new experiences for you that helped […]

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Distracted (+ sketch dump)

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I’m easily distracted, everybody that knows me knows that >>; Lately, it’s becoming really annoying, so I’ll just go back to use the Emergent Task Timer, as my self-imposed schedule doesn’t seem to be working. So, I’ve been sketching lots of things. Most of them, I just clear the canvas after I’m done and move […]

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Oct 22 – Nimariel and sketch reposts

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I wanted to sketch something Ishtera and, for a change, I decided to draw Nima C: …That’s Nima? seriously? xD; *shot* I guess  he may get serious sometimes…  ^^; I’m trying to try different things with my sketches, I tend to draw the same things by default when I grab my tablet or my pencil, […]

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Oct 17 – Vinca

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I haven’t drawn something for myself in about month, so here it is a Vinca sketch C: I should try to sketch something daily again, I’m getting awfully rusty D:

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Daily Sketch – May 11

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Barely before midnight! Vinca in creepy mode~~ Click it to enlarge it and see it properly! I’m happy today because I got paid for the sprites I was doing and got tax returns from last year’s internship! yay! =D Also I pretty much finished the three BGs I was working on and I’m really proud […]

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