Back from week out~

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Back from week out~

Since my boyfriend’s family took a trip to Argentina while he stayed at home attending college like a good boy, I moved there for a week. This is a summary of the week. No pictures ^^;

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Work or Die, and getting ambition back

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So, next week will be “Work or Die!” Week. That means I’ll work by rear off to get done everything I want to get done! It’s not far from my original schedule in terms of things I’d get done daily, with the exception of the fact that, according to my original schedule, I should have finished Winter in Fairbrook two weeks ago […]

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Valentine + presents + kagamine

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First, I hope you all had a sweet Valentine’s Day! Even if you’re single, just spending time with your family, friends, or just pampering yourself it’s a good way to spend a day like that, hehe. Me? I went to Suppi’s after lunch and he baked me a banana kuchen <3 We spent the afternoon […]

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Petiiiiits!! <3

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They arrived :D! I’m talking about the Nendoroid – Petit  Vocaloid #1 set I won on e-bay last month :3 They were so incredibly cheap I couldn’t resist >>;; And I’m not even one bit dissapointed of buying them, they’re super adorable! So I went to Suppi’s today to pick them up and we took […]

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Dresses are IN this season~

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I wanted to draw Vinca with a dress and big headphones <3 I went out with Suppi yesterday to buy clothes~ We went to a kind of hip place and everything was expensive ;_; (for me, at least… i’m used to buy tings like twice a year and spend as little as possible.. that’s why […]

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