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More Winter stuff~

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I’ve been working hard on Winter in Fairbrook stuff the past few days. I finished that fullscreen CG I mentioned last time (and made it my wallpaper, I really like it <3). It took me about 12 hours @_@  But at least I know how much time something like that would take me in the […]

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Project update – October 2011

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Hello again! Last time I wrote a project progress update was 6 months ago, so it’s about time I wrote another one! xD I said this would be shorter than the life recap, but… it’s not >>; Kansei It’s been out for a while already ^^; I wanted to be able to post by the […]

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Progress update~

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Because I haven’t done one in a long time xD; Also, I’m like 2 months behind everything. Go me! 8D Winter in Fairbrook I finished this one some time ago. I had lots of fun doing the final scenes and some… ‘special’ cut-in scenes, hehe~ I seriously hope you’ll enjoy them when it’s out C: […]

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Sep 21th – Project Progress Report

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Since I completely fail at time management (srsly? 9_9), yet another project started without me finishing the previous one. So the current pile adds up to 5 projects to draw/paint/sketch for @_@ And since that very thought was driving me insane, I decided to put two of them on hold for now, and just focus […]

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Ill D:

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Last week I was stressed. Working on three projects every week, each with its own deadlines and pressures (even if very mild), proven to be too much for me and my lack of time management ._. So I decided to take it slow and reduce the amount of work hours until I can get a decent pace. […]

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