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Progress update~

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Because I haven’t done one in a long time xD; Also, I’m like 2 months behind everything. Go me! 8D Winter in Fairbrook I finished this one some time ago. I had lots of fun doing the final scenes and some… ‘special’ cut-in scenes, hehe~ I seriously hope you’ll enjoy them when it’s out C: […]

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Finally! Ripples is out! =D It took a while to get it done, and I plead guilty for that >>  I’m glad Ayu asked me to work with her on this remake of her first VN ^^ It looks and sounds lovely. It’s very short, with lovely music and fully voiced, so if you can […]

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The adorable farmhand that was deeply in love returns in Winter in Fairbrook C: He’s so huggable <3 I’ve been working on the sketches for Natalie’s sprite, the one that goes on the side of the textbox when she speaks~ I also did a logo and sketched a possible title screen C: On a random […]

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In case you follow @sakevisual or visit the Lemmasoft Forums, chances are you saw this already XP (by the way, I did not make the opening video! I just did the art for it as well as for the rest of the game x’D The video was made by Ayu Sakata and the song was […]

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The (un)official mascot of Sakevisual C: I’ve been working on this pic *very* on and off for almost two months x’D It’ll probably end up as a print, since I drew her really big for once xD Speaking of Sakevisual, I’m *finally* only one CG away from finishing the art for Ripples! ;o;  Things got in […]

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