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Finally! Ripples is out! =D It took a while to get it done, and I plead guilty for that >>  I’m glad Ayu asked me to work with her on this remake of her first VN ^^ It looks and sounds lovely. It’s very short, with lovely music and fully voiced, so if you can […]

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Ripples – Kuu’s sprite, part 1

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Ripples - Kuu's sprite, part 1

Yesterday, after procrastinating all day avoiding my internship report due this Tuesday that I also happen to be avoiding right now, I drew Kuu’s first sprite! Since I only did her first sprite, this will be part 1. Part 2 will be when I have pose #2. There will be no Part 3 and 4, […]

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Projects progress report~

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So! Here I am again 8D I’ve been working on Flight of Twilight non stop this week, The first day was super quick and smooth, but the days after… ugh… I still have problems managing my time and I’ve found myself with no time whatsoever to do anything else D: Just because I procrastinate and […]

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Ripples – Promo Image

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So this was our little secret project at sakevisual I’ve been working on this very on and off for the past weeks. Actually I spent a lot of time just working on this picture >>; I wanted it to be really really pretty :3 So! You know, I’ll be using Ripples and this blog to […]

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