Consistency in long term projects – redo or not redo?

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Consistency in long term projects - redo or not redo?

This is probably true not only for artists, but for other people doing creative and semi-creative work as well. We artists under development usually change our style every now and then, and improve our skills over not-so-long periods of time. You can see how our skills have developed by looking at our creations from oldest […]

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Reason for drawing (rant)

Reason for drawing (rant)

Sometime ago, going back in time thinking when and why I started drawing, I think I discovered what lies behind them. I talked to somebody about this and she gave me a word: “Emotionality“. Drawings and figurative imagery in general trigger feelings in me more than any other mean of expression. They sting in my […]

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I don’t want to be Noizi Ito anymore

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I don't want to be Noizi Ito anymore

After taking a good look at my Influence Map and comparing it to the influence map of artists I look up to, I decided it’s about time to shift my focus and change my objective, so I can walk with a more steady pace towards the kind of artist I want to be. I always […]

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Work or Die, and getting ambition back

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So, next week will be “Work or Die!” Week. That means I’ll work by rear off to get done everything I want to get done! It’s not far from my original schedule in terms of things I’d get done daily, with the exception of the fact that, according to my original schedule, I should have finished Winter in Fairbrook two weeks ago […]

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I’m still learning how to manage things on my own here, and sometimes it’s good to write things out! Lesson #1 : DON’T commit to more projects than you can handle. The maths about week hours don’t reflect reality. I always end up working more than I had expected and screaming for ‘me’ time when […]

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