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Finally! Ripples is out! =D It took a while to get it done, and I plead guilty for that >>  I’m glad Ayu asked me to work with her on this remake of her first VN ^^ It looks and sounds lovely. It’s very short, with lovely music and fully voiced, so if you can […]

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The Making of: The Flower Shop – art side

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It’s finally out! I’m so happy and proud about this ^__^ Jack approached me more than a year ago to work on this. I wasn’t very sure in the beginning, but then he told me about the characters and I immediately got excited! I read Jack’s descriptions and  I came up with some sketchy designs for him. […]

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Ripples – Kuu’s sprite, part 1

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Ripples - Kuu's sprite, part 1

Yesterday, after procrastinating all day avoiding my internship report due this Tuesday that I also happen to be avoiding right now, I drew Kuu’s first sprite! Since I only did her first sprite, this will be part 1. Part 2 will be when I have pose #2. There will be no Part 3 and 4, […]

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Making a Manga page – Part 1

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Making a Manga page - Part 1

Hi! I wrote this post a long time ago, but never finished nor scanned the images needed to get it published, but now I did ^__^ This is my little experience on my elective course “Manga Workshop”. I hope you find it entertaining or helpful or something xD

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Rin – final! :D

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The last part of the process!! Earlier process images. Reference image “Spring”, by Alphonse Mucha And done! I’m quite proud ^__^ I feel I can do better things now Trying to reproduce other people’s works by your own methods is indeed a good exercise ^^ And god, it felt really good to ink wit that […]

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