My workplace – photo dump

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This is the kind of moments when I start missing my old digital camera >>; I need to buy a new one, carrying the netbook around to take pictures is not ideal for this xD; It’s been a while since I posted photos of how my studio/workplace looks like. Now it looks even more different, […]

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Valentine + presents + kagamine

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First, I hope you all had a sweet Valentine’s Day! Even if you’re single, just spending time with your family, friends, or just pampering yourself it’s a good way to spend a day like that, hehe. Me? I went to Suppi’s after lunch and he baked me a banana kuchen <3 We spent the afternoon […]

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What came in the mail~~

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I already blogged about Len and the little Patapon Keychain. This time you get to see a couple of Christmas presents that arrived at Suppi’s this week :3 (I always ask people to send things to me over there, ¬†since there’s always somebody to pick them up there, unlike in here ^^; ) So this […]

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