Minor goals (or little steps to improve)

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When there’s something you don’t like, you have to figure out what it is and do something about it, right? There are several things I dislike about my artistic process and I feel I’m still not quite there yet and that I still need to improve and yadda yadda… But how? What to do exactly? […]

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Work or Die and other plans

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Work or Die and other plans

I’m entering Work or Die mode, so you may not hear from me unless I find some free time or I’m procrastinating badly out of being unable to handle my self-imposed pressure xD; So, the WoD schedule is as follows, in case you’re curious: Mon 13th to Tue 14th – Finish the paintings for The […]

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Moving forward~ (life update)

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Ishtera sketch done in SAI, on my new netbook C: No more images on the post, though, sorry ^^;; I haven’t posted for a while Dx (though I’ve scrapped a few attempts at posts that were just too… long and rant-y xD) If you follow me on twitter (or if you check my twitter account […]

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I don’t want to be Noizi Ito anymore

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I don't want to be Noizi Ito anymore

After taking a good look at my Influence Map and comparing it to the influence map of artists I look up to, I decided it’s about time to shift my focus and change my objective, so I can walk with a more steady pace towards the kind of artist I want to be. I always […]

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Excited and frightened (life update – long!)

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Excited and frightened (life update - long!)

This is mostly a picture-less life life update, so you can skip it if you want :3 Oh! btw I commissioned a lovely artist on dA to paint me a Vinca. I’m so happy <3 I’ll post pictures when it arrives!

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