Photo Dump (desk & puppy)!

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Because I can (: I haven’t shown you my new desk! It’s nicely placed in my bedroom next to the window, so it’s very very sunny! I have to close the curtains every now and then to be able to see the screen properly, though xD; And bonus Martina (my dog) because I never posted […]

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Saurio HQ

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Like I mentioned last time… I moved today to a new apartment with my boyfriend! I’m really excited about it! It feels kind of weird to leave the nest, though… there are so many things I’ll miss! (note: over here people usually don’t leave their parent’s home when they go to college, but when they […]

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Desk pictures

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I thought it’d be nice to take some updated pictures of my workstation in the corner of the living room (: (please forgive my crappy photographing skills >>; ) Don’t like this corner so much anymore, though XD; Hopefully, when I move out, I’ll have a nicer corner! *goes back to work on TPF’s title […]

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Watercolor GUI~

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I’ve been doing this for a few days (sketching, color testing, arranging, printing, tracing, painting…). The faces you see there are for an event illustration that needed extra emotions/faces. I’m currently tracing the last sheet to be painted for GUI (and then scan, separate and clean the GUI stuff), and then I’m done with everything […]

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Some painting progress pictures~

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What the title says~ I’m done with most the higher priority painting for TPF, I need to properly scan them now! Now I’m missing the Logo and the GUI, which still need some work… that and a new Watercolor pad ^^; I thought I’d show you some progress pictures I took with my camera and […]

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