Done chibi-ing!

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And I’m done! Woot! >o<!!! In total, they’re 11 chibi “scenes”, plus two you may have seen at Sakevisual’s blog of Natalie working, plus 4 more that also show up in game. Many of them also have face/pose/background variations  :P That’s… a lot more than the actual fullscreen event CGs in game, that, to my knowledge, […]

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More Winter stuff~

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I’ve been working hard on Winter in Fairbrook stuff the past few days. I finished that fullscreen CG I mentioned last time (and made it my wallpaper, I really like it <3). It took me about 12 hours @_@  But at least I know how much time something like that would take me in the […]

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I recently got the script for the extra scene in Winter in Fairbrook and it will be done with chibi-fied scenes! xD They’re fun and quick to do, so I can make a lot in the time it’s take me to do one fullscreen CG. I roughly sketched more than 20 chibi “scenes” to go […]

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Project update – October 2011

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Hello again! Last time I wrote a project progress update was 6 months ago, so it’s about time I wrote another one! xD I said this would be shorter than the life recap, but… it’s not >>; Kansei It’s been out for a while already ^^; I wanted to be able to post by the […]

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Glasses guy

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Obligatory random sketch for a guy with glasses that wears a shirt ~Cx I finished Ryan’s ending CGs this morning, and I sketched some extra stuff for him just in case I have time to get them done later (nothing related to this sketch, before anybody asks 9_9 ) I also sketched Jacob’s ending images […]

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