Saurio HQ

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Like I mentioned last time… I moved today to a new apartment with my boyfriend! I’m really excited about it! It feels kind of weird to leave the nest, though… there are so many things I’ll miss! (note: over here people usually don’t leave their parent’s home when they go to college, but when they […]

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It’s been a while since I drew the outfits I’ve been wearing. It was fun last time, so I thought I could do it again… just to draw something simple and fun, you know? Weather is still nice, but it’s getting slightly colder each day… I’ll miss the sun once it starts getting cloudy *loves […]

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My workplace – photo dump

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This is the kind of moments when I start missing my old digital camera >>; I need to buy a new one, carrying the netbook around to take pictures is not ideal for this xD; It’s been a while since I posted photos of how my studio/workplace looks like. Now it looks even more different, […]

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Dec 1st sketch dump

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It’s December already! The month I was going to devote to myself originally… right XD; Here it comes some sketches I’ve made recently,. others I have had lying around for a while and haven’t posted, and some twitpic reposts. Twitpic repost: Keeping up with the style tests. #1 is huge-eyes-influenced-by-Noizi-Itou style #2 is I-love-mel-kishida-and-kkuem style […]

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Sept 8th – Vocaloids

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I… have no excuses >>; If you follow me on twitter (and actually click on the pictures I upload), you probably saw half of them already. Regarding yesterday’s Kaito drawing xD Magnet – white version- One day I’ll work on all those sketches for the MirrorxMirror fanbook >>… It looks very pretty next to the […]

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