Resistance is futile (picture dump)

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So… I’ve been bipolar for the past few days, going between being depressed and being excited. Saying I’ve been 0% productive would be kind of obvious >>; So I’ve been experimenting on and off for the past couple of days. Here the fruits of it, hope you like C: For Samu-kun C: Don’t ask, I […]

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Daily Sketch – May 08

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A posing Liphilt~ She’s very¬†histrionic, so she’s fun to draw ^^ I’ve been in front of the computer all day and I’m sick of it, so I’ll do a couple of things I have to do and then I’ll go watch TV for the rest of the evening =_=

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Daily Sketches – May 06

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Ishtera themed! I did this one the day before yesterday. Toying with off-center composition and trying to draw a scene of some kind… “Orz Super rough group sketch. I absolutely fail at them D: (also the masks of the three masked characters are not even designed. FAIL! “Orz) Got inspired by the artwork on Blue […]

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Ok, I’m not sulking anymore x’D; I was bleh because I saw many talented young illustrators today already working for the local newspapers and editorials…, it made me feel kind of useless D: Me and my bad habit of drawing anime and never trying other things, and being too shy to go showing my stuff […]

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Liphilt sketch~

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I recorded the making of this on SAI on my Livestream. You can watch it there :3 It’s set as the first autoplay, but if it’s not playing, you can select it from the “on demand” menu ^^ I’ll record the lineart and CG process another time BTW… would you like me to announce on […]

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