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Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

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Happy New year everybody! How was 2012 for you? I’ve heard mixed reviews, haha. On one side, the ending was disappointing No end of the world or anything interesting! Pfft! LOL. Anyway, I’m sure this year, even if it wasn’t what you expected or even planned, was full of new experiences for you that helped […]

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Monthly report: November

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Hey guys! It’s been a nice month, this month! I’ve started making my house chores into a routine, and while for a while that made me work less every day, I’m starting to get back on track with work (also my apartment is clean everyday <3) Which mean I’m no longer swamped in work <3 […]

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Looking back

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Something possessed me today as I was cleaning my message inbox in dA like every other day and started to look at my older work. I already wrote a journal in dA about it, but I thought I could expand on it a bit here. Looking at my old art not only makes me see […]

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Monthly report: July

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Man, this month sucked Dx Classes take a long time to prepare and have eaten away a lot of my time devoted to work on stuff. It’s been fun, though!  I have three sessions left and then another shorter module later on. VN work has been idiotically slow ): I’m way behind with everything. Yousei […]

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I haven’t posted in a while, sorry about that ^^ I’ve been idiotically busy with stuff Dx From working on this local game I can’t talk about yet, the project for my VG course (I passed! yay! I need to go fetch my diploma <3), and then TPF, commissioned stuff and of course life! So […]

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