Thanks for 30k PVs!

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A speedpainted image to celebrate it. Thanks! C:

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Thanks for 25k PVs!!

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  Thank you for all the visits!!!! (and yeah, that was what all the fuss was about, lol, sorry to nag you much on twitter to raise the counter xD)

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Thanks for 7k+ PVs!!!

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Thanks for all the visits people! It makes me happy ^__^

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Rin sketch~

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I missed the 6k kiriban >_o I will work on this picture later anyway. (Maybe I can finish it for 6666 kiriban xD; ) I’m still deciding if I shoudl work on it with Copics or Ecolines xD; … or both! Might end up working bigger than the original sketch size… details are a bit […]

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Thanks for 1111 hits!!!

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Have some Ishtera goodness to celebrate! As usual it was supposed to be a quick little something and I just got carried away… Evil, evil SAI! xD;; See?? Alicia got redesigned. She now looks less like a passive girl and more like a protagonist of an RPG, which is what she’s supposed to be, lol. […]

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