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Some rough sketches

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Suppi has been bugging me to do this for a while, so today I doodled them, for the sake of having a visual reference to fuel out creativity (Also today I was absolutely out of focus and couldn’t do anything besides doodling after lunch ;_; Only got some work done in the morning “Orz) I […]

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Daily Sketch – May 13

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Good Lord, it’s 1 am already DX!! I like it when I’m in Ishtera mood x3 I’m mean and I always leave out Brynn, the only fire elemental in the main cast, because he comes late in the story >>; I should draw him more often x’D; Today I started working really late D: But […]

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Daily Sketch – May 10

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My head hurts and my stomach is resenting yesterday BBQ party and today’s trip to the movies (meaning popcorn + soda) Dx I mean, after eating nothing but fruit, salad and meat/chicken/fish every now and then, to eat lots of meat and bread and seasoned stuff and sweet stuff was like a bomb xD So […]

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Daily Sketch – May 08

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A posing Liphilt~ She’s very¬†histrionic, so she’s fun to draw ^^ I’ve been in front of the computer all day and I’m sick of it, so I’ll do a couple of things I have to do and then I’ll go watch TV for the rest of the evening =_=

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Daily Sketches – May 06

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Ishtera themed! I did this one the day before yesterday. Toying with off-center composition and trying to draw a scene of some kind… “Orz Super rough group sketch. I absolutely fail at them D: (also the masks of the three masked characters are not even designed. FAIL! “Orz) Got inspired by the artwork on Blue […]

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