New Layout! :D

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New layout! Finally!!! I’ve wanted to make a layout with my own characters for a while, but never got around to. I also asked some friends around to help me, but in the end nothing ever happened with that (my fault, btw ^^; ). And then I went on hiatus and then I didn’t want […]

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Distracted (+ sketch dump)

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I’m easily distracted, everybody that knows me knows that >>; Lately, it’s becoming really annoying, so I’ll just go back to use the Emergent Task Timer, as my self-imposed schedule doesn’t seem to be working. So, I’ve been sketching lots of things. Most of them, I just clear the canvas after I’m done and move […]

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Today, it may be a great day… and Tomorrow too! =D A friend of mine said I sound a lot more possitive this year. For some reason, I started this year very optimistic, looking at the bright side of things. Of course things could be better, way better~ But they’re not xD So, for now, […]

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Moving forward~ (life update)

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Ishtera sketch done in SAI, on my new netbook C: No more images on the post, though, sorry ^^;; I haven’t posted for a while Dx (though I’ve scrapped a few attempts at posts that were just too… long and rant-y xD) If you follow me on twitter (or if you check my twitter account […]

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Resistance is futile (picture dump)

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So… I’ve been bipolar for the past few days, going between being depressed and being excited. Saying I’ve been 0% productive would be kind of obvious >>; So I’ve been experimenting on and off for the past couple of days. Here the fruits of it, hope you like C: For Samu-kun C: Don’t ask, I […]

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