Looking back

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Something possessed me today as I was cleaning my message inbox in dA like every other day and started to look at my older work. I already wrote a journal in dA about it, but I thought I could expand on it a bit here. Looking at my old art not only makes me see […]

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Minor goals (or little steps to improve)

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When there’s something you don’t like, you have to figure out what it is and do something about it, right? There are several things I dislike about my artistic process and I feel I’m still not quite there yet and that I still need to improve and yadda yadda… But how? What to do exactly? […]

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Sprite-making timeline of sorts

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Sprite-making timeline of sorts

So, yesterday I procrastinated from work a couple of hours and was toying making a random girl sprite from some sketches I did on Saturday night. Then, as I went back to work on the old Nexus sprite I need to finish, it made me think of all the styles I’ve gone through since I […]

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Consistency in long term projects – redo or not redo?

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Consistency in long term projects - redo or not redo?

This is probably true not only for artists, but for other people doing creative and semi-creative work as well. We artists under development usually change our style every now and then, and improve our skills over not-so-long periods of time. You can see how our skills have developed by looking at our creations from oldest […]

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Improving Astre@ 2

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Since I was told that I might get my Astre@a presentation scheduled soon, I made a schedule of 9 hours a week for Astre@ improvement.  After last improvement attempt, I kind of stopped ^^; but picked it up yesterday, by recoloring an Event CG (it still needs revision, though), and today I redrew and recolored […]

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