One more project down!

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…so far! I usually get to do extra art later on whenever I’m done with the original art requirements for a project ^^; But I just finished working on the last scheduled CG for Hope~ It was very fun to work on it! The characters were fun to draw, the chibi CGs were *super* fun […]

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Project update – October 2011

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Hello again! Last time I wrote a project progress update was 6 months ago, so it’s about time I wrote another one! xD I said this would be shorter than the life recap, but… it’s not >>; Kansei It’s been out for a while already ^^; I wanted to be able to post by the […]

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Progress update~

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Because I haven’t done one in a long time xD; Also, I’m like 2 months behind everything. Go me! 8D Winter in Fairbrook I finished this one some time ago. I had lots of fun doing the final scenes and some… ‘special’ cut-in scenes, hehe~ I seriously hope you’ll enjoy them when it’s out C: […]

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Consistency in long term projects – redo or not redo?

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Consistency in long term projects - redo or not redo?

This is probably true not only for artists, but for other people doing creative and semi-creative work as well. We artists under development usually change our style every now and then, and improve our skills over not-so-long periods of time. You can see how our skills have developed by looking at our creations from oldest […]

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Sep 21th – Project Progress Report

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Since I completely fail at time management (srsly? 9_9), yet another project started without me finishing the previous one. So the current pile adds up to 5 projects to draw/paint/sketch for @_@ And since that very thought was driving me insane, I decided to put two of them on hold for now, and just focus […]

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