Better than ever.

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(I’m into Homestuck now, didn’t you know? I blame my friend Lyra for it…) So I’ve been panicking and freaking out over stuff lately. Problems here, issues there, stress stress stress. And I want to get out of here and have my own place and not have to work on the livingroom and yadda yadda […]

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Little Sister

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Suppi and I finished playing Bioshock 2 last night C:  It was totally worth buying, I really liked it ^__^  Little Sisters are so cute <3

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What came in the mail~~

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I already blogged about Len and the little Patapon Keychain. This time you get to see a couple of Christmas presents that arrived at Suppi’s this week :3 (I always ask people to send things to me over there,  since there’s always somebody to pick them up there, unlike in here ^^; ) So this […]

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So… Since I posted those little Vocaloid thingies on dA *coughandprettymuchsinceIstartedobsessingwithvocaloidscough*, I felt again the urge to draw things And the good thing is that it’s not just Vocaloid I want to draw (lol), but other things too xD I even went and sketched an Ishtera picture! It’s been a while since I drew them, […]

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