Resistance is futile (picture dump)

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So… I’ve been bipolar for the past few days, going between being depressed and being excited. Saying I’ve been 0% productive would be kind of obvious >>; So I’ve been experimenting on and off for the past couple of days. Here the fruits of it, hope you like C: For Samu-kun C: Don’t ask, I […]

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Ok, I’m not sulking anymore x’D; I was bleh because I saw many talented young illustrators today already working for the local newspapers and editorials…, it made me feel kind of useless D: Me and my bad habit of drawing anime and never trying other things, and being too shy to go showing my stuff […]

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Because I had this style collecting dust in a corner of my skill set. Random: Why does listening to anime music makes me fee so sad and nostalgic D: ? And speaking of emotional, I spent my evening yesterday reading Natsume Yuujinchou. I got teary eyes almost every other chapter ;O;

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Ali experiment

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This time I drew Alicia XP I’m lazy to color it right now… The cat on my lap wouldn’t let me anyway xD; It’s complaining because I’m typing and not letting it sleep peacefully xD;

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Vinca experiment

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Vinca and myself are my favourite experimental subjects when it comes to drawing. I started this based off a doodle on my sketchbook from when I was trying new styles. So… here it is. Warning: texture abuse! XD Once I figure out where in my gallery it belongs to, I’ll upload the colored one there […]

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