Some painting progress pictures~

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What the title says~ I’m done with most the higher priority painting for TPF, I need to properly scan them now! Now I’m missing the Logo and the GUI, which still need some work… that and a new Watercolor pad ^^; I thought I’d show you some progress pictures I took with my camera and […]

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Sleeping cat

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My cat likes to sleep on the computer rom’s bed while I’m there. I looked at him and doodled this before to sleep :3 (He’ll probably get up once I do and go to sleep with me in my bed xD)

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Yesterday, while attempting to synthesizes shapes in order to make myself a new style, I drew some cats. I also drew more cats when I was bored taking notes in class this morning. Now I came home and drew some more cats on the computer. It’s fun to draw them xD I’m going to try […]

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