More Winter stuff~

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I’ve been working hard on Winter in Fairbrook stuff the past few days. I finished that fullscreen CG I mentioned last time (and made it my wallpaper, I really like it <3). It took me about 12 hours @_@  But at least I know how much time something like that would take me in the […]

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Progress update~

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Because I haven’t done one in a long time xD; Also, I’m like 2 months behind everything. Go me! 8D Winter in Fairbrook I finished this one some time ago. I had lots of fun doing the final scenes and some… ‘special’ cut-in scenes, hehe~ I seriously hope you’ll enjoy them when it’s out C: […]

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Chocolate heart

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Maybe I’ll share some chocolates with my boyfriend later, so I can say I actually did something other than spending time drawing this to celebrate this day, haha xD *goes back to work*

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I’ve been reorganizing Caramel Mokaccino’s story and general planning for the past couple of days, and I’m reached a point where I actually think I’ll be able to handle it C: Now I have to convince myself that I can write and continue writing the actual script ^^; About the drawing, I’ve always liked girls […]

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Back from week out~

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Back from week out~

Since my boyfriend’s family took a trip to Argentina while he stayed at home attending college like a good boy, I moved there for a week. This is a summary of the week. No pictures ^^;

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