Monthly report: July

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Man, this month sucked Dx Classes take a long time to prepare and have eaten away a lot of my time devoted to work on stuff. It’s been fun, though!  I have three sessions left and then another shorter module later on. VN work has been idiotically slow ): I’m way behind with everything. Yousei […]

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I’m still learning how to manage things on my own here, and sometimes it’s good to write things out! Lesson #1 : DON’T commit to more projects than you can handle. The maths about week hours don’t reflect reality. I always end up working more than I had expected and screaming for ‘me’ time when […]

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Deji will be drawing BL… wait, WHAT?!

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Deji will be drawing BL... wait, WHAT?!

If you know me, you should know I don’t like BL. I’m one of the last remaining girls (an endangered species, indeed) that like anime stuff but don’t scream ” OMGGAYKYAAA!!” when looking at two male friends on any given situation x’D I don’t despise it, though. I have actually thought of some BL couples as […]

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Low confidence.

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Low confidence.

Today I thought “Hey! I’m drawing Len and Rin like a maniac lately and it’s very likely I’ll keep drawing them for a while… so why not focus those efforts into a Visual Fanbook? I’ve always wanted to publish a fanbook…” It seemed like a great and fun idea! But, you know, it made me […]

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I’m on a bad mood today D:  (again toying with how Glider does his stuff ) (Edited: I  forgot to give her scarf/ribbon/tie  D:  Now it’s fixed!)

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