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Excited and frightened (life update – long!)

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Excited and frightened (life update - long!)

This is mostly a picture-less life life update, so you can skip it if you want :3 Oh! btw I commissioned a lovely artist on dA to paint me a Vinca. I’m so happy <3 I’ll post pictures when it arrives!

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Improving Astre@ 2

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Since I was told that I might get my Astre@a presentation scheduled soon, I made a schedule of 9 hours a week for Astre@ improvement.  After last improvement attempt, I kind of stopped ^^; but picked it up yesterday, by recoloring an Event CG (it still needs revision, though), and today I redrew and recolored […]

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Improving Astre@

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Improving Astre@

You know, yesterday when I was making my business cards I went through my Astre@ backgrounds and Event CGs (that I drew exactly one year ago) and…. I got horrified! xD Out of 23 Cgs I had done (out of 32 I planned to do initially), like…. 2 are decent enough. The rest need touching-up, […]

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omg! Astre@

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omg! Astre@

You know, I always get upset when random people add me to MSN. I usually google their e-mail to see who they are and, if I cann’t find anything familiar, I just ignore them and declie to have them on my friendlist. The other day, somebody added me. I googled this person and it happened […]

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