Consistency in long term projects – redo or not redo?

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Consistency in long term projects - redo or not redo?

This is probably true not only for artists, but for other people doing creative and semi-creative work as well. We artists under development usually change our style every now and then, and improve our skills over not-so-long periods of time. You can see how our skills have developed by looking at our creations from oldest […]

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Projects progress report~

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So! Here I am again 8D I’ve been working on Flight of Twilight non stop this week, The first day was super quick and smooth, but the days after… ugh… I still have problems managing my time and I’ve found myself with no time whatsoever to do anything else D: Just because I procrastinate and […]

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Mandatory New Years Post~~

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Mandatory New Years Post~~

Happy New Year, guys!! May all your wishes come true this year! May you also become better, wiser, stronger, cooler and happier I don’t have  a New Years picture this time sorry D: I was so busy with the exam thing and then I had a birthday party and then New Years, and I spent […]

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Astre@ – sadfasdfasdfasd

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Astre@ - sadfasdfasdfasd

I’m behind schedule. I’m sick of working on 1 1/2 – 2 years old CGs and re-script a 2 years old demo that will never turn into a full game because the writer decided to dissapear. I wish I finished this last year when I was supposed to instead of just dropping things because they […]

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I’ve been very busy lately and I’ve had a hard time managing my time this year, things I hope will change next year! (not the busy part, I still need a job now that I’m out of college >>.) Still, I’m currently keeping myself busy in my free time mostly with VN projects :3 So… […]

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