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Daily Sketch – Apr 27

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I had a terrible headache today, plus strained muscles from exercising yesterday and all made worst by having only fruit for lunch (evil evil diet x_x). Now I’m better after having a nice dinner and lying in bed for a couple of hours, but I’ll go to bed early. (BTW, I don’t really need a diet^^; I’m […]

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Ali experiment

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This time I drew Alicia XP I’m lazy to color it right now… The cat on my lap wouldn’t let me anyway xD; It’s complaining because I’m typing and not letting it sleep peacefully xD;

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Improving Ishtera

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Improving Ishtera

So… Suppi and I got in the “Ishtera mood” again xD; So we’ve been toying with redesigning the characters a bit. You know, so they actually look like what they’re supposed to be and not just random xD; We have redesigned/given a new outfit to 5 characters :3 Here I present you the rough sketches […]

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Thanks for 1111 hits!!!

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Have some Ishtera goodness to celebrate! As usual it was supposed to be a quick little something and I just got carried away… Evil, evil SAI! xD;; See?? Alicia got redesigned. She now looks less like a passive girl and more like a protagonist of an RPG, which is what she’s supposed to be, lol. […]

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Gallery is functional now!

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Spent the whole afternoon procrastinating doing that “Orz. It was fun (and scary too) to look at my old drawings as I decided which ones to upload. There are some pretty old ones there in the gallery now… 2003- 2004… *shivers*

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