New Layout! :D

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New layout! Finally!!! I’ve wanted to make a layout with my own characters for a while, but never got around to. I also asked some friends around to help me, but in the end nothing ever happened with that (my fault, btw ^^; ). And then I went on hiatus and then I didn’t want […]

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Today, it may be a great day… and Tomorrow too! =D A friend of mine said I sound a lot more possitive this year. For some reason, I started this year very optimistic, looking at the bright side of things. Of course things could be better, way better~ But they’re not xD So, for now, […]

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Daily Sketch – May 10

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My head hurts and my stomach is resenting yesterday BBQ party and today’s trip to the movies (meaning popcorn + soda) Dx I mean, after eating nothing but fruit, salad and meat/chicken/fish every now and then, to eat lots of meat and bread and seasoned stuff and sweet stuff was like a bomb xD So […]

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Daily Sketches – May 06

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Ishtera themed! I did this one the day before yesterday. Toying with off-center composition and trying to draw a scene of some kind… “Orz Super rough group sketch. I absolutely fail at them D: (also the masks of the three masked characters are not even designed. FAIL! “Orz) Got inspired by the artwork on Blue […]

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Daily sketches – May 04

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Early post, yay! I should stop posting before going to sleep >>; Today it’s been rather a failure work-wise D: I hate to be so spaced out ;_; Probably having to do with weather change, being alone at home because the maid didn’t come today, and PMS >>; So I ended up doing some sketchy […]

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