Monthly report: January + Life

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I completely forgot to make a report for December last time, sorry about that ^^;;;

January was the month of experimenting and setting my priorities straight. Basically because I wanted to take a little break from work, I decided to take commissions and I experimented a lot on said commissions, which I think helped me improve a lot :) I usually  have limited space to experiment within a project, since I need to keep consistency (though sometimes I do experiment… leading to different results x’D), so being able to work on commissions helped me let loose and I enjoyed it greatly (:
If you haven’t seen my commissions, they’re all in my deviantART gallery while some progress screenshots are on my facebook fanpage as usual (:

There’s a bit of a ramble about all this further down the page, but now let’s take a look at the projects!

Yousei is out. YAY!! :D
I’m so happy you have no idea :D I hope everybody can enjoy the product of our hard work, so please take a look at the demo if you can (and if you can buy the game, even better <3 ).
I’ll do an art ‘post-mortem’ of sorts later on, as usual ;)

I’m slowly working on the Dies Irae characters. I wish they’d take less time to get done, but they do take me a while! The new Kickstarter campaign is waiting for me to finish more characters before launching, so I’ll do my best to get them done in a more timely fashion the next month.

Hope~ stuff has progressed slowly, but I’m now one sketch away from starting actual production of assets, which I’ll start next week if everything goes according to plan (: I have two sprites and a few CGs ready to be turned into working assets in the following weeks, which puts the game closer to being released! (though I honestly have no idea when the estimated release date is set or aimed to be).

I’ve also been slowly but steadily working on Spirited Heart 2, by Winter Wolves :D I was hired to do a bunch of chibis first, but then I was invited to be the lead artist, as the original artist left the project for personal reasons. I’m really thrilled about this, and let me tell you, it’s a lot of work! But I’ve had lots of fun making costumes for the main characters and I can’t wait to finish them and show you guys! :D

Blue Rose, in case you haven’t heard, is on preorder/beta. I worked really hard on that one too and, as I’ve mentioned before, I improved a lot just by working on it. I’m very proud of it and I’m slowly playing it myself too! I recently got a promotion piece done for it, but I haven’t got approval to post it around yet, so you’ll have to wait for that one. The progress screenshots are on my Fb page as usual if you want to take a peek.
And yes, I’ve been having fun making logos, haha x’D I’ve also made a few more for other games that you’ll be seeing when the time comes :)

As for February, I’ll be working hard on Hope~ and on Spirited Heart 2, and also fixing and finishing some Flight of Twilight things that need to get done (I scheduled a few hours for that again). Speaking of side projects, I also scheduled time for Every Sunrise, so I’ll be working on that on my ‘free’ time too, if things go well.
Next week, instead of going on vacations with my mom, I’ll be living at her place by myself looking after the pets x’D  Which in one side is very nice (yay, pets <3) and on the other side not so much (boo, no boyfriend and being far away from everybody ;_;), and I sadly couldn’t afford taking the Artistic Calligraphy course, so I’ll see if I can take it later on instead, when I don’t have financial messes, which should be soon, since I got my Payoneer prepaid MasterCard and I should be able to withdraw my Paypal money now and use it to pay my living expenses instead of just having it for online purchases budget ;v;

And that’s pretty much it! Nothing too exciting, as usual, haha. Oh! By the way, the BL VN I did the characters for should be announced in the near future (I did the logo for it the other day! :D ), though the art production will be put on hold for a while, so keep an eye if you’re interested in it ;)

And now for the life ramble…

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Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

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Happy New year everybody!
How was 2012 for you? I’ve heard mixed reviews, haha. On one side, the ending was disappointing No end of the world or anything interesting! Pfft! LOL.
Anyway, I’m sure this year, even if it wasn’t what you expected or even planned, was full of new experiences for you that helped you learn new things and grow as a person. maybe you improved and got better at something! Or maybe you went through really crappy stuff that made you stronger.

Now that a new year starts in our calendar it’s time to review the good and the bad, weight them and see how we fared, and look forward and set a destination… even if life may take us to a completely different place in the way!

One year ago I was happy about the year that had just passed, because I worked hard for many projects, improved my art skills, went to the awesome VG diploma course thingie where I met really cool people and helped me manage my time and tasks, picked up writing, and grew a lot as a person. I was also disappointed about money. VERY disappointed. I also had the feeling 2012 would be full of new things, and I wasn’t disappointed in that area!

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Monthly report: November

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Hey guys! :)

It’s been a nice month, this month! I’ve started making my house chores into a routine, and while for a while that made me work less every day, I’m starting to get back on track with work :) (also my apartment is clean everyday <3)
Which mean I’m no longer swamped in work <3 Which is awesome xD

So! What have I been up to?

The Parasol Festival remaining paintings were done this month. I got to paint a couple of event illustrations, some extra GUI elements, A LOT of item icons (there is a item shop/trading game element on TPF) and people to populate some o the backgrounds.
Now my team-mate is working hard on the scripting and coding! He only has so much time to work on TPF after work, so the release will take a while. None the less, I’m looking forward to the beta testing stage! :)

I started with another VN project which I can’t even name yet or show any designs of ;v; So you get a blurred image instead. Yay. The cast is very different from what i usually draw, and it’s been quite a challenge to adapt the original designs into my style, but it’s been fun. It’s a BL game, btw, so if you were wanting to se a BL game with my art in it for any reason, now the chance, hehe. I have the whole cast sketched and I’ll start the actual sprite production today ^__^

I also started work on extra sprites and CGs for Hope~ (: I’m awaiting approval of my rough sketches to start with them.

I finished Jay for Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements and I’ll start with the next character, Allen, very soon (hopefully!).

I caught up with overdue commissions. FINALLY. Some twitter commissions I took back in August to pay for my hosting and the ridiculously overdue Skylines sprites from back in April are getting done (I’m also throwing in some extra free stuff for kaleidofish to make up for being such a horrible commissioned artist “Orz).

Yousei is in beta! Yay! :D I *love* some of the CGs I did for it, I love the sprites and some of the CGs I want to to grab them and redo them completely Dx But I can’t do that ^^;; So I’ll just pay more attention next time :X

In other news, my tablet revived and decided to go back to agonizing, though it still works. A new tablet is on the *must buy soon* list now.
I also bought a new scanner because the old one died painfully (I think from carrying it around in my backpack a couple of times), but I’m happy, because this one is small, slick and is USB powered! It also has a carrier-thingie lock if you want to carry it around, so it shouldn’t suffer like my older one in case I need to transport it.

Also, some Syrenaica news! (the company I’m part of that’s developing Evilot) Matías Castro, our talented composer, had a recording session with the F.A.M.E.’S orchestra for Evilot Background music! I wasn’t able to be there for the live streaming, but I’m told it was wonderful <3 I can’t wait to listen to the tracks!
Also, we wont the chance to be part of Start-up Chile, selected as one of 105 start-up companies out of over 1400 that applied! We’re really happy and proud (:

And that’s all for now! Thanks a lot for reading and for all the support! :D


Looking back

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Something possessed me today as I was cleaning my message inbox in dA like every other day and started to look at my older work.
I already wrote a journal in dA about it, but I thought I could expand on it a bit here.

Looking at my old art not only makes me see all the mistakes I made on each piece (I’ve gotten better at spotting mistakes, which is good!), but it also reminds me of the attitude I had back when I posted each piece.
I’ve already mentioned I’ve been humbled during the last couple of years, as I’v become more conscious about my own “place” in the world, so to speak.
It also seems to me I needed a lot more… hmm… reaffirmation back then? I needed the praise badly. I was used to it, I craved it and honestly I didn’t do much to deserve it?
As I was going through my gallery, I saw many pictures in the “Main” gallery that I didn’t spend more than an hour or so doing! Wow… What was I expecting?
I feel I’m a very different person now from who I was back then.
I like being praised, but I don’t *need* it badly like I used to. I also bear a lot more pride in my work than I used to, and I certainly want to do my best on everything I do, so every time I get praise for something I do, it’s deserved, instead of getting praise for anything I do because… idk, fans or something? I want to be proud and deserve every little compliment I get.
Also I’d rather have a couple of people that I’m sort of familiar with honestly telling me they appreciate what I do than a bunch of people I don’t know praising me and giving me views and favs and stuff.
I’m also very open to critique now, something I wasn’t before (I thought I was, but I really wasn’t), and I take everything I’m told into consideration to keep improving (you can’t go and fix everything you do, you have to keep moving on and do better and better every time, if possible!).

I like being who i am right now, and I don’t like who I was before. The old “art” reminds me of that mindset and it disgust me.
I scrapped most of my old art and put into storage a lot of other art on dA. I also disabled comments on old art because there’s no real point in them anymore; I already leaned enough from my old pieces, I think, and I rather focus on my newest projects and experiments; as for random compliment comments, again, I’d rather get them in my newer stuff I’ve put more thought an love into.

So… Looking back, I think I’ve improved a lot, as an artist and as a person.

And I plan to keep improving every day of my life!
I’m not even close to be what I want to be, so I need to keep moving forward ;)

In other news, my tablet died ;v;
Good thing I’m working on TPF watercolors now >>;
I’ll bet a lent one on Monday, probably, and I’ll be saving for a better one in the meantime, if I can (man, spending all your money on living is tough x’D; I miss it when I could spend it on whatever I wanted xD)

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Monthly report: October

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Well, here I am again, reporting from the land of the swamped-in-work.

Last time I wrote a monthly report was in June, and I said I’d work on Yousei sprites, TPF, Hope~, Blue Rose and the overdue Skyline sprites.
Well, I just finished with Yousei! Hooray! :D

Now, Evilot and teaching took a big chunk off my time. BIG chunk, so everything ended up being delayed forever.
Evilot stuff was actually mostly finished last week! :D It was fun to draw the last things, which were motion comics :P Our animator did a fine job on them and they’re now being musicalized.

I also had (still have some) some problems regarding living on my own with another person. It’s been a lot harder than I thought, a you may have been able to tell if you have been lurking around certain places I frequent ^^; But things are getting better, so that’s good.

Now, it’s catching up with *really* overdue stuff week! :D
I finished the Yousei promo image that opens this post (you can see the full version on devianART), I’m working on coloring the Promo/Cover for Blue Rose as I write this and I’m also working on a character redesign/revamp for a Dies Irae character (I already made a revamp of the main heroine, and I’ll be revamping the rest of the cast on and off).

After that, I’ll work on those ridiculously overdue (so much it’s depressing) Skylines sprites, and then I’ll get to do some other overdue commissions that I requested on twitter some time ago when I was in need to pay my hosting ^^;
Then next week and the one after are The Parasol Festival Weeks! :D And then Hope~ and side commissions weeks (:

I have people scheduled for December already! Though no named projects yet, just people scheduling my time for their projects. I’ll let you know when I get to work on them ^^
I don’t want to schedule stuff for January yet, I may do that on december; I’d rather not get ahead too much, or I’ll have troubles about kicking projects forward due being delayed and stuff X_X

And that’s pretty much it! I’m finally kind of… more relaxed with my work and time, after having a huge pile of stuff to do I’m finally catching up and I even have breathing room for projects, so I’m not panicking anymore, haha.

I’ll be posting more stuff later on! And make sure to stop by my Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook page for WIPs and random ramblings, if you feel like it ^^

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