Adding Background

This tutorial was made using one of MaiMai‘s images as a base.

This tutorial deals with how to add a background to an Event CG image (for a Visual Novel), but it can be used to add backgrounds to other images too :3

First you need:

  • A character
  • A setting (where is this taking place?)


  • You can always drag the bounding box around tand rotate it or scale it to find the perfect angle/composition/shot for your image :3
  • You can also have your bounding box in the top layer and have the whole layer filled with white (except the inside space of the bounding box) to help you visualize your final image.
  • Try to use the most brilliant/saturated colors on your focus f interest, and more muted colors on the background. This will make the viewer focus on what you want the to focus and not to focus in, say, the cup of coffee the background person is drinking.