Hey guys… this is my monthly report of sorts.

Work at Syrenaica is awesome as usual :D We’re working hard at the new game and we may start soon on a third game we came up with some time ago.
I’m done with teaching until August, so that’s out of my schedule! Yay! it was super fun, I love the new students.

Besides that… I’m drained. Work at the office kind of drains me artistically speaking :’) It’s not that I’m doing this hell of a complicated/detailed job or anything, but when I’m not at the office, the least I want to do is draw… Which is not cool at all! ):
I get home at 7-ish pm and I just lay in bed doing nothing until midnight. On my days off/freelance days (twice a week), I just stay in bed ntil late, do house chores and then I don’t really want to draw anymore, so I barely get freelance stuff done.
Stuff for myself? I haven’t drawn anything that’s not a work/commission in ages.
And I feel I’m falling behind so bad…

I’m not sure about what to do about all this, really.
I love my office job!! I’m just upset I no longer feel like drawing outside of it… specially with so many projects i should be finishing. That I have to force myself to draw D:

*rolls on the floor*

To counter the “I’m feeling so unproductive ;_;”  feeling, I’ve tried doing other things instead of drawing when I’m at home. Gaming works, but it doesn’t make me feel productive, lol. I tried composing for a bit, it was fun, but it’s not super motivating.
So now I’m programming. Taking advantage of the ImpactJS license we have at the office, I’m playing with that. It’s been really fun, exciting and challenging! I haven’t been able to do much yet, but I’m getting there, slowly.

Today I’m banning myself from programming, though, since I have to get freelance stuff done and get it off my plate so I can move down my pendings list.

I apologize for the lack of art updates from me lately, hopefully that will change in the near future… I’m still trying to catch up and return to balance, and I’m confident I will! Just have a little patience with me ;v;

Oh, right, if you want to try my experiment, it’s here:  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/133217987/impact/index.html
Hopefully, it’ll be more fun/interesting the more I keep adding stuff.
Hope you’re all doing great and thanks for reading ^^

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