EVILOT! – and monthly “I’m alive!” post.


For iPad only for now, but… OUT!!! OUT, RELEASED, LAUNCHED! *jumps around*
My first non-VN project, with a local company on top, IS. OUT!

And we showed up on Gamespot and Kotaku! :’D

I drew *everything* for it. EVERYTHING. Except the GUI. But the rest is ALL ME. MEEEEEE. xDDD
The animations were done in cut-out method with After Effects by our talented in-house animator <3
I acknowledge the game art has its flaws and I’m pretty sure about the reasons for it; I worked at a very small resolution from the get-go… a very bad move, in hindsight, but I think it still looks nice! And I still don’t cringe with it, which is good x’D

Besides that, I’ve still been rather missing and being behind everything, just like last month^^;
I started teaching again, which is awesome! :)
And today marks a year since I moved out from my mom’s house. Wow, a year! It’s been a rollercoaster :’D

Anyway… report time. Mostly for my own purposes and the peace of mind of the people I work with/for/owe stuff to :’D

Stuff I’m actively working on while not at the office working on the game that’ll come after Evilot (that so far looks so pretty ;v; I’m making the art all in HD fro the start! ) :

- Hope~ – I’m only like… 3 CGS away from finishing my task list! Woot!
- Kako no Koi – I’m *this* close to finish the last sprite I was asked to do, I’m just missing a few faces.
- Dies Irae, Phantatom Elements – I need to sketch the next character in line :)

Stuff I haven’t touched for a while and I should resume working on as soon as I finish the aforementioned:

- Autumn’s Journey – a few CGs still missing and that’s the only thing preventing it’s release ;v;
- Spirited Hearts 2 – still not even done with the first sprite “Orz. I’M THE AWFUL-EST! I want to finish Hope~ first, so I can devote all my freelance time to that again! >_<
- Flight of Twilight – SO BEHIND IT’S NO FUNNY ;_; I haven’t been able to find a good time slot for it in my schedule yet Dx
- Other stuff I owe to people – like the Facebook giveaway pictures, a couple overdue birthday watercolor paintings, a few chibis… etc, etc.

And… that’s been life this month.
Oh, I’m getting my passport today! Then the visa *shivers*
And I’m also dysphonic (hoarse voice) after a nasty cold that had me in bed for a few days that I passed on to my work-mates at the office too >>; I have to teach tonight and I need my voice for that >___<;;;;

So… yeah.
I’m happy, though. Very <3

Syrenaica - Evilot launch celebration photo

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