MIA – tired but happy!

I’m alive!
…This seems to be my opening sentence way too often ^^; I apologize for that >>;

March was a rollercoaster. On one side, I was really excited and anxious about the japanese card illustrations, that took me forever and a day to do but I’m really proud of how they ended up.

I also decided to join the NaNoRenO competition with Kitty, Arowana and Nellie!… but even while March is already over, the game is not finished because I overestimated my ability to make CGs and got badly burned out >>; So there are missing CGs >: I’ll try to get them done soon.

Other than that, I worked on and off on my usual freelance stuff. I’m way behind everything now x’D
Especially because I started par-time work as Lead Artist at Syrenaica’s office. I’m making a couple extra “tutorial” screens right now for Evilot, and it will be submitted tonight to the Appstore (: The release should be around the corner! I’m also working my ass off making concept sketches for the new game we’re working on. I’m having *tons* of fun at the office, but I end up really tired when I get back home, and the least i want to do is to be on the computer doing stuff ): It kind of reminds me of how it felt when I was doing my internship, but this is more creative work in a shorter time span ^^; So the two days “off” I have to work on freelance stuff, I’m tired and I end up taking them as weekends :’D
The universe is cinspiring against me working on my freelance jobs! But I’ll try my best to revert that situation and go back to normal.

In other news, I’m flying to USA THIS TIME FOR REAL in August/September! I got my new ID today, I have to get my new passport as soon as I get some spare money, and then the visa :’D And then saving to actually be able to eat and survive there, hahaha x’D

So… yeah. Hopefully that explains the lack of updates on twitter, facebook and other sites. I’m tired :’D Happy but tired and behind schedule x’D

I hope you’re all doing great! And look forward to Evilot soon and uh… Autumn’s Journey, which is our (late)NaNo entry and it’s pretty and lovely and full of cuddles and cavity inducing x’D

*goes back to work before work-mates scold me :’D*

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